Spectrum Advanced Power Soap

SAPS (Spectrum Advanced Power Soap)

SAPS is a concentrated professional grade hand cleaner formulated to clean hands of Molly Grease, all Silicone-Based compounds, Heavy Grease, Oil and Tar, Dye, Brake Dust, Gasket Sealant, Latex and Oil-Based Paint, Ink, all Adhesives and Glue, Un-Cured Polyurethane and other hard to clean industrial solids and compounds.

This amazing hand cleaner if fortified with proprietary ingredients and will keep your hands clean, smooth, refreshed and satisfied.  SAPS use an innovative “Micro Grit Scrub Conditioning Formulation”, which cannot be matched by any competitors in this market. Some major attributes are:

  • Non-Toxic and 100% Biodegradable
  • No d-Limonene, Petroleum Distillates or Solvents
  • Keeps drainage pipes clean

To discover more of the amazing attributes of SAPS, please see the Product Data Sheet by clicking here.